Ilgın (Çavuşçuolu) Gölü
23 June 2015
24 June 2015







Kırsal Nüfus



  • Its distance to Çatalhüyük which is the oldest city of Anatolia is 49 km. It is noted that, it is called "Avren" meaning "Av vuran" ile "Av veren" veya "Ağaç evreni" as this place is covered with dense forests and there are a lot of game animals. It was renamed to “Akviran” by the gathering of people in here from 7 villages around. After the Republican period, in 1961, the Ministry of Interior changed its name to Akviran and it was officially registered as "Akören". On August 4, 1914, Akören became a burg and a municipal organization was established on the same date. With the law dated 19.06.1987 and numbered 3392, it got the status of district together with its 8 villages. Later, with the decision of Council of Ministers dated 20.06.1991 and numbered 91-38043, it had 11 villages with the addition of Avdan, Dutlu and Belkuyu, which were separated from the Bozkir District. Located in the southernmost part of the Central Anatolian Region, Akören is bordered on the north by Konya and Abaz Mountains, Bozkir on the south and Seydisehir on the west. It has within its boundaries the May Dam (7.8 km2) and Akören and May Ponds.


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